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Covid-19 in Bali / Indonesia


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Is Bali open to tourism? Can you travel to Bali? What are the restrictions for Bali?
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Last Update: 30 Mayo 2022
To avoid confusion, we are going to distinguish 2 concepts: Visas and Health (no quarantine, vaccines, PCR, etc):
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The following countries can enter Indonesia with a VoA (“Visa on Arrival”). They can leave through any immigration point in the country.
The rest of the countries still have to apply for the B211A visa through a local agent with a Government Sponsor permit. At INDONATURE TRAVEL we are a Sponsor, so we can help your Client. It is expected that, shortly, there will be an “e-Visa without Sponsor”.
(1) South Africa,
(2) United States of America,
(3) Saudi Arabia,
(4) Argentina,
(5) Australia,
(7) Belgium,
(8) Brazil,
(9) Brunei Darussalam,
(10) Denmark,
(12) Finland,
(13) Hungary,
(14) India,
(15) England,
(16) Italy,
(17) Japanese,
(18) germany,
(19) Cambodia,
(20) Canada,
(21) South Korea,
(22) Laos,
(23) Malaysian,
(24) Mexico,
(25) Myanmar,
(26) Norway,
(27) French,
(28) Poland,
(29) Qatar,
(30)New Zealand,
(32) Seychelles,
(33) Spain,
(34) Sweden,
(35) Swiss,
(36) Taiwan,
(37) Thai,
(38) Chinese,
(39) East Timor,
(40) Tunisian,
(41) Turkey,
(42)United Arab Emirates
(43) Vietnamese;
Points of Entry with VoA (visa on arrival):
(a) Soekarno Hatta in DKI Jakarta,
(b) Ngurah Rai in Bali,
(c) Kualanamu in North Sumatra,
(d) Juanda in East Java,
(e) Hasanuddin in South Sulawesi,
(f) Sam Ratulangi in North Sulawesi, and
(g) Yogyakarta in DI Yogyakarta,
(2) PORTS:
(a) Nongsa Maritime Terminal in the Riau Archipelago,
(b) Batam Center in the Riau Archipelago,
(c) Sekupang in the Riau Archipelago,
(d) Citra Tri Tunas in the Riau Archipelago,
(e) Teluk Senimba Marina in the Riau Archipelago,
(f) Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi in the Riau Archipelago,
(g) Bandar Seri Udana Lobam in the Riau Archipelago, and (h) Sri Bintan Temple in the Riau Archipelago,
– Passport with at least 6 months validity for an initial 30-day visa. It can be extended only once (1x) for another 30 days at the nearest Immigration office to your accommodation.
– Return or connection flight within the validity of this visa.
– Payment of Rp500.000 (around USD 30) in cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or other international coins at the daily exchange rate (exchange will be given in IDR), or by VISA / MASTERCARD credit card.
– They cannot convert their VOA into another type of visa in Indonesia (such as a long-stay B211 or a Kitas)
More information here
Applies to ALL nationalities (arrive with any kind of visa)
Before the trip:
– Minimum 2x vaccinations (of those authorized by the WHO; or 1x if it is from Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik V or Convidecia), the 2nd being at least 14 days before departure. Children 0-11 years only need a negative PCR result. Children 12 and over are considered adults, so they will need the min. of 2 vaccinations put. Any proof of recovery from Covid-19 will not count as vaccination. If you cannot get vaccinated due to health conditions, you need a medical certificate from a State Hospital in your country in English stating that the person cannot participate in your Government’s vaccination program.
– Record your vaccinations here. If the system fails, you can submit a physical (paper) copy of your completed EU/WHO vaccination certificates. Upon arrival at the airport, the staff can help you register on the PEDULI LINDUNGI app (you must always be reachable on Whatsapp).
– PCR Covid-19 negative max. 48 hours from the country of origin.
– They must compulsorily follow the health protocol during the pandemic (always use a mask, including in private transport; frequent hand washing/disinfection, etc).
– Medical Insurance that covers SGD20,000 and COVID19. There are problems with many insurances, since they cover hospitalization expenses but not centralized isolation. To avoid later problems, we recommend you to purchase your Indonesian Covid-19 insurance at Jagawisata (Rp500,000/pax).
– Registration of the e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration).
– If your airline/authorities require a negative PCR before departure, you can order your PCR before departure here. If you are traveling as a family, you can include up to 10 people in 1 registration (Rp275,000/pax). It can be done at the departure airport / at an assigned laboratory / at your hotel (Rp275,000 + visit expenses). It is done in the morning and the result is received by Whatsapp or email in the afternoon of the same day, so it is usually done min. 1 to 2 days before departure.
Children younger than 18 years old will follow the regulations of the parents. If parents are already vaccined, children:
– will not be requested any vaccine but will need to have a PCR test (paid by the parents)
– will not need to be vaccined upon arrival (as they will have a PCR done)
– will not need any quarantine upon arrival (as parents do not need either)
Upon arrival:
1.- Temperature check. If it is 37,5ºC or more, you will need to have a PCR (at your cost).
2. – Luggage collection, pass the last checkpoint with the luggage + QR code + transfer to your hotel.
3.- It is not allowed to talk in person or by phone on public transport (boats, buses, planes…) | It is not allowed to eat or drink on planes or road trips or others of less than 2 hours (except if you need to take medication).
Effective until 16th July 2022 | CIRCULAR 16 YEAR 2022
1. PPDN are the domestic travelers who travel from one area to another within Indonesia, with public and private transportation and either by sea, land or water
2. All PPDNs are required to use the Pedulilindungi app.
3. PPDN with 3x vaccines: no need for PCR or antigen
4. PPDN with 2x vaccinations: negative antigen 1x24h / negative PCR 3x24h before.
5. PPDN with 1x vaccine: negative PCR 3x24h.
6. PPDN with special health or comorbid conditions, who cannot be vaccinated: negative PCR 3x24h before + certificate from their National Hospital explaining (in their language + English) that for health reasons they cannot participate in the national vaccination program .
7. PPDN with less than 6 years: does not need neither vaccines nor PCR nor antigen. But you do need to be accompanied by another person than the previous points, as well as follow the Covid-19 health protocols.
Original report here.
Effective from 17th July 2022 (SE Satgas COVID-19 No 21 Th 2022 & SE Kemenhub No 70 Th 2022)
– 3 vaccines: no need PCR/antigen.
– 2 vaccines: negative antigen 1x24h before departure / PCR 3x24h before departure
– 1 vaccine: PCR 3x24h before departure
Health Centres for PCR and Antigens (12 Jul 2022)
Regarding the arrival of guests at Jakarta Airport, the things that guests need to do are:
1. After leaving the international flight (Qatar/Etihad/etc) immediately proceed to immigration.
2. Take luggage for custom clearance (this is especially required for those who will change flights with local flights, even though international airlines have collaborated with local flights such as GARUDA, etc., to avoid lost luggage at Jakarta Airport).
3. Custom clearance of baggage, and checking in baggage to the local flight
4. Passengers can check in again or do not need to check in ( if you have received a boarding pass from an international airline for the next flight with a local flight that cooperates with it, such as GARUDA ),
but luggage / baggage must have been checked in on the local flight by obtaining a useful luggage / baggage claim tag as proof of baggage ownership when baggage is lost or damaged at the destination/arrival airport.
Please convey the above to all clients / guests, so that things do not happen, especially with baggage / luggage being left behind or lost at the airport.

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